About Us

Dreams to Reality

Vacation Me Now was founded in 2021 by Bre Smith, a passionate traveler whose love for exploration was ignited during her childhood adventures with her family. From sunny beaches to magical Disney World trips and serene mountain retreats, Bre's early experiences cultivated her deep appreciation for the transformative power of travel.

Bre embarked on a journey to turn her lifelong passion into a fulfilling career which was inspired by her daughter's curiosity and desire to explore the world through various modes of transportation. With a dedication to helping others fulfill their travel dreams, Bre has undergone extensive training with leading tour operators, resort brands, cruise lines, excursion companies, and tourism boards worldwide.

Bre has cultivated a wealth of knowledge to curate unforgettable vacation experiences for her clients through firsthand experiences gained from destination site inspections and immersive travel trainings. From meticulously planning itineraries to booking accommodations and excursions, Bre's mission is to bring her clients' travel aspirations to life, ensuring each journey is filled with cherished memories and unforgettable moments.

At Vacation Me Now, Bre's dream of becoming a trusted and knowledgeable travel advisor has become a reality, allowing her the privilege to craft personalized and enriching travel experiences for you.

Travel Advisor and Owner

Bre Smith